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Over thirty years constantly on the road


The added value that Lapi Logistica can give its clients today has its roots in the experience gained over the years in the field of providing integrated logistics for the automotive sector. In 2000, thanks to the excellent results attained on the rapid-delivery front and his personal determination and organisational abilities, Massimo Lapi began to approach the world of Logistics. He soon managed to intensify his presence on the market and create a lean, efficient organisation that could successfully and rapidly meet the growing, ever-more-complex needs of his clients. His continuous efforts to always provide a quality service have facilitated the growth of the company in terms of both resources and turnover, and led to an increase not only in the number but also in the different types of clients. Whether a client comes from the world of automotive, aerospace, chemicals, shipbuilding, interior design or art, they all receive the same quality services.


In the heart of Italy

The company is located in the Perignano industrial park, in Casciana Terme Lari in the Province of Pisa, just 2km from the Florence-Pisa-Leghorn highway which connects all the main cities, ports and airports in central Italy. This strategic position allows us to provide an optimal service to European markets.


Quality at our core

Lapi Logistica has always placed the client at the centre of its universe and aimed to satisfy individual requests speedily and with tailor-made services. At the same time, ongoing research and optimisation of our processes (always cutting-edge) allow us to offer excellent value for money.


Certified quality

The company, which has been certified for more than 20 years according to the international quality standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, has always pursued a policy of continuous improvement, raising its quality standards, supporting technological innovation and meeting the challenges of increasingly environmentally sustainable logistics.



Lapi Logistica uses leading insurance companies to cover all the main risks related to the activities we engage in and the goods we handle. This way, all our clients, suppliers and staff can enjoy peace of mind.



To protect our clients’ goods and know-how, access to our facility is strictly controlled and only authorized personnel are allowed to enter. The whole grounds are protected by video surveillance systems, anti-intrusion devices and a night-watchman service.



We’re active in our commitment to the environment and in inculcating an ethos of respect for these values. Within our organisational model, space is set aside for teams whose task it is to analyse and improve our processes from an eco-friendly point of view.


All the staff currently at Lapi Logistica have long-term employment contracts. We ensure that contractual conditions are adhered to and implement a wide range of directives from our code of ethics. If you don’t have them yet, request your credentials for access to the reserved area where you can view our code of ethics.


... and that’s not all

  • Protection for products and information, with maximum privacy, ethics and security
  • Constant, certified temperature monitoring along the distribution chain
  • Innovative packaging solutions protecting both your product and the environment
  • Guaranteed delivery times and geolocation of vehicles
  • Customised, flexible service
  • Strict adherence to GMP and GDP regulations
  • We integrate the best practices requested by our clients into our procedures
  • Secure supply chain thanks to the prevalence of direct services and to rigorous vetting procedures
  • Complete product-traceability system


Our Quality policy


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