Wide range of vehicles equipped to carry goods in compliance with the ADR treaty


trasporti ADROur qualified staff and range of vehicles at our HQ in Pisa specially set up to comply with the ADR (Accord Dangereuses Route) treaty enable us to offer services for the transport of hazardous materials of all kinds, whether flammable, corrosive or hazardous to the environment – the only exception is radioactive and explosive materials, except in cases where the partial exemption provided for in the treaty is granted and we are permitted to carry the materials.
Ask us for a commitment-free assessment and we’ll provide you with immediate feedback. We can also provide you with a feasibility study analysing the best way to organise the logistics of your ADR products, with special attention given to aspects such as the best packaging, labelling and transport solutions within the constraints of the legislation.
Our strategic position in Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany, is a guarantee of fast delivery.

What are the advantages of ADR transport with Lapi Logistica?

Lapi Logistica can provide ad hoc and/or urgent ADR transport services, as well as logistics services for all your other needs (the only exceptions are radioactive and explosive materials, although it not unfrequently happens that exemptions allowed under the legislation permit us to carry the materials). The only constraint is that the cargo must be divided into packs. We’re at your service to assess all your needs and swiftly supply you with an evaluation, with no commitment on your part.

  • Safety and security: a single driver will be put in charge of transporting your cargo to the final delivery point: there will be no handovers and no transfers in order to make sure that your products arrive undamaged.
  • Traceability: you’ll be able to trace your cargo from the pick-up to arrival at its destination, thanks to GPS tracking of the vehicles and the readiness of our transport office to help you with any questions or requests you may have. With Lapi Logistica’s high standards, security, rapidity and efficiency, even with delicate cargo you can enjoy peace of mind.
  • Strategic location: lour strategic location in the industrial park at Perignano (province of Pisa), in the heart of Tuscany and just a stone’s throw from the important Florence-Pisa-Leghorn highway, handy to the port of Leghorn and the Pisa airport, enables us to provide optimal distribution operations on a regional, national and international level.
  • Speed: arranging ad hoc trips allows us to guarantee swift delivery.
  • Flexibility: With our wide range of vehicles and numerous consolidated partnerships, Lapi Logistica can respond to all kinds of different requests for transport with the ideal solution for each. With a logistics facility comprising more than 6,000m² of warehouses and other buildings, we can also satisfy any further logistics needs through transit-point, storage and accessory services.
  • Security: our high security standards, tried-and-tested procedures and our reliable, expert staff mean that our clients’ know-how is kept safe. You can trust us to be as professional and discreet as you require according to the type of goods being handled and any special confidentiality needs.

For further information, please contact our Head of Security, who will give you a detailed explanation of the services we provide in this area. The complexity of and continual changes to the legislation make this a difficult area for anyone not specially trained in it, therefore you’re better off in the hands of a specialist advisor. Our constant commitment has allowed us to acquire skills and create efficient tools, which we can now share with all our clients.
Ask us for an evaluation and we’ll provide you with feedback quickly and with no commitment on your part. We have the means to assist you with a feasibility study in order to optimise organisation of the logistics for your ADR cargo, comprising careful assessment of the most suitable solutions in terms of packaging, labelling and transport given the constraints imposed by the relative legislation.