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Biotechnologies are the group of technologies that apply molecular biology and, in particular, genetic engineering, using live organisms (bacteria, yeasts, cells, enzymes, etc.) to achieve results in the fields of healthcare, agriculture, the food industry, the environment and cosmetics.
Many different sectors of industry make use of biotechnologies, and their applications range from human and animal health (red biotech) to agriculture and foodstuffs, beverages, dairy products, winemaking (green biotech), environment, industrial processes, biomaterials, papermaking, bioenergies and restoration (white biotech). According to surveys carried out by Assobiotec (Italian National Association for the Development of Biotechnologies), a member of the Federchimica group, and ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), at the end of 2015 there were almost 500 biotechnology companies in Italy, operating in all sectors of industry. Of these, 10% were located in Tuscany and more than half dedicated their activities primarily to research and development. Most were micro-companies. Italian industry has played a leading role in this important development, thanks to both its academic and industrial research resources and its ability to innovate and create products with a real edge. The increasing need for healthcare in the population is driving enterprises in this sector to focus their attention primarily on this field.

The specific needs regarding logistics and transport in this sector are as follows:

  • Limited time for sample checks: in the event of tests needing to be performed on biological samples, speedy delivery is of the essence.
  • Perishable materials requiring special care and fast transport: the transport operation must be secure and carried out in compliance with ATP transport regulations (controlled temperature).

Red biotech, the group of biotechnologies linked to health (in the medical, pharmaceutical and veterinarian fields), constitute the driving force of this sector, accounting for around half of the Italian enterprises. 40% of the projects developed concern biological drugs and products for advanced therapies, which open up new horizons in the treatment of many diseases, together with the development of treatments for cancers in the oncology and diagnostics fields through selective biomarkers.
Green biotech is mainly represented by micro-enterprises operating in the agriculture, foodstuffs and zootechnic sectors and forming part of the food chain. The limited availability of arable land and water, protection of biodiversity, sustainability of crop production and the safety of foods are some of the problems pertaining to the world of agriculture which leave plenty of room for innovation and research to evolve.
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White biotech is associated with more specifically industrial applications (energy, bioproducts, biofuels and biolubricants, solvents, pigments, detergents, plant protection products and natural fibres, among others) where enzymes are used. These may originate from bacteria or fungi and can find various applications, ranging from updating many industrial processes to producing energy and bioproducts, and even to environmental diagnoses and clean-ups, or to the restoration and conservation of historical artworks.
The Bioeconomy is another consolidated field belonging to Italian green chemistry. This field has made it possible to convert abandoned industrial plants into state-of-the-art biorefineries. As they are integrated with the agricultural districts providing the biomasses fuelling the plants, there is every reason to believe that the quality of production will increase while the costs and environmental impact decrease. We have seen the creation of biochemical plants producing biolubricants, paints, solvents, detergents, plant protection products, bioplastics, natural fibres and other materials with highly innovative characteristics, which already constitute a valid alternative to traditional petrochemical products.

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