Standardisation of supply flows

logistica repackagingLapi Logistica provides repackaging services centering on the transformation of the packaging around the materials received, in order to facilitate the standardisation of the flows provisioning production plants and to ensure that the units sent to these plants are totally clean – all aspects which enhance production. For example, we unpack materials from the boxes the supplier sent them in and transfer them to plastic containers or KLTs; this way we make sure the units are correctly identified, that the quantities in each individual batch are standardised – when necessary using precision counting scales – or, alternatively, reworking the contents of each handling unit using the box/tote as provided by the supplier.
We can also make industrial wooden packaging and cases to order if you have particular needs regarding storage and delivery; these are designed to ensure your cargo is totally secure and protected. The cases can be constructed using fumigated wood, sealed and/or equipped with materials to protect against shocks and vibrations.