Cutting-edge warehouse management office operating 365 days a year

ufficioSpeed and security are our watchwords. The warehouse management office, located in Pisa in the heart of Tuscany, is the nerve centre of our logistics operations and operates year-round on two shifts from 6am to 10pm. The team is made up of fully trained operators who are experts in warehouse logistics and can deal with administrative tasks on your behalf. They can remotely connect to your own management software, or develop ad hoc software integrations to allow you to use our information systems, which have been optimised in order to ensure smooth running of processes and cost containment.
We are able to provide various different administration services, from simple operations like checking warehouse stock and informing you of the available stock, preparing documents for goods received, billing or issuing waybills/CMRs/invoices, to more complex procedures like handling complaints and returns of goods to and from customers and suppliers, non-conformity procedures, email alert services, support with error analysis and in solving the problems linked to PFEP, expiry management and handling return flows. Thanks to our ability to interface with our clients’ management systems over the web, we can optimise times and make the whole administration process more efficient, leading to significant savings on management costs.