farmaceuticoPharmaceuticals, biotechnology, the medical equipment market, healthcare and fast-moving consumer goods will continue to benefit from a significant contribution from the overseas channel and from national and worldwide demand boosted by an aging population and increasing focus on personal wellness. This means that ongoing investment is needed to improve the supply chain and respond to the continual growth of this field globally within a more and more complex and dynamic market.

  • HYGIENE AND QUALITY CONTROL: the importance of cleanliness in transport and warehousing, with focus in particular on product hygiene and avoiding contamination from external agents.
  • SECURITY, CONTROLLED ENTRY AND EXIT: the security of the load guaranteed when transporting and warehousing medicines.
  • REDUCTION IN WASTE AND UNSOLD STOCK: reducing waste by avoiding unplanned expiry of the medicines.
  • CONTINUAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL: temperature control is vital when storing and transporting pharmaceuticals.
  • REPACKAGING: We offer an onsite repackaging service for medicines in the event of special requests from pharmacies.

According to some studies, 46% of interviewees say that the complexity of the legislative framework is the main obstacle to the expansion of this sector, while in second place, 33% hold that the biggest problem is protecting intellectual property and, in third place, 27% believe that the difficulties of ensuring the quality and safety of products is the number-one problem (this last issue is a concern mainly for company directors).

In practice, the problems along the supply chain are mainly caused by the fact that the products being handled (medicines, medical devices, medical supplies, etc.) entail very specific and detailed procedures for transport, sufficient measures to ensure safety and security, staff training, effective management systems, strict adherence to specific regulations (harmonised in the EU through the Good Distribution Practice – GDP – rules in accordance with Directive 92/25/EEC and listed in the Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP – rules). With these constraints, it’s essential for a logistics partner to have in-depth knowledge of the legislation, to be able to swiftly update and bring its management processes into line every time the legislation is amended or a client asks to apply specific management modalities, and to provide adequate advisory services. It’s also vital to ensure that clients can easily trace their products (in the event of bars, suspensions or revocations imposed by the authorities), that quality controls are precise and rigorous.

One of the defining characteristics of the logistics operator can be found in their ability to build partnerships with their clients – often these are from the public sector and therefore work differently from private-sector clients – and to interpret the unique needs of each. The perfect operator intervenes swiftly on both the logistics and distribution sides to help create a cooperative, proactive environment.

soluzioni farmaceutica 2Thanks to its management ability, flexibility and experience, Lapi Logistica is able to offer quality services quickly and safely, always operating in accordance with detailed, measurable procedures, thereby leaving clients free to dedicate their energies to their core businesses.
The strategic location of our logistics facility Perignano, in the province of Pisa, makes for optimal distribution of the products made by the national pharmaceutical giants in Florence and Pisa, with all the main areas of Tuscany served with speed. Our efficient quality-management and risk-management systems, ongoing staff training and clean spaces monitored by surveillance systems allow us to ensure that the quality and integrity standards imposed along the whole logistics chain are met. Optimal segregation of non-compliant products is achieved by creating special areas and by using cutting-edge IT systems and visual techniques. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) we’ve perfected ensures the total traceability of all products and provides close tracking of the various movements of the products along the whole logistics chain, as well as detailing the state of progress during any accessory processing operations such as packaging, repackaging, identification and application of RFID tags to allow subsequent controls on the distributed product.

Lapi Logistica provides specialist transport services for ad hoc and urgent deliveries, guaranteeing close monitoring and the required reporting during the transport stages. Our use of appropriate apparatus (isothermal or controlled-temperature containers and vehicles) means that the integrity of the products is guaranteed.