A strategic position in the heart of Tuscany to help us exploit the most effective logistics solutions (lean logistics)

logistica transitpointThe strategic location of Lapi Logistica’s HQ in Tuscany provides interesting opportunities for availing of transit-point services (a transit point is the point where goods arrive – for example coming off the main lines running between the north and south of Italy –, are placed in transit areas with high or medium turnover, then either immediately or a few days later are loaded onto widespread distribution lines and sent on to their final destination) for the whole of Tuscany, in particular Pisa, Leghorn, Florence and their hinterlands.
When a company wishes to adopt even leaner logistics solutions and increase the speed of delivery to the end customer – significantly reducing storage and handling costs – they can contemplate cross-docking solutions. With cross-docking, the goods received are placed in designated transit areas and passed on to the chosen carrier within a very short timeframe, thereby avoiding the goods having to be stored in the warehouse.