Problem-free, guaranteed, flexible transport at competitive prices

depositoWarehouse Whatever your sector or your needs, whether for national or international transport, we can meet them with quality, rapidity and value for money through individual, customised services. If you need safe, guaranteed, flexible transport, then we’re the partner for you.
Having studied the load specifications (weight, size, side or top loading, ADR, tail lift, etc.), we decide which vehicle is most appropriate, then provide you with a complete estimate based on how many kilometres will be travelled between the outbound and return journeys and on whichever day (weekday or public holiday) or time (day or night) you desire.
We have vehicles with all the various payload capacities, from small vans to semi trucks, curtainside trailers for side loading, dry vans, sliding-roof for top loading, ADR, tail-lift and even container trucks.
Thanks to the wide range of our own vehicles, we’re sure we can meet all your needs – with the quality, economy and security you haven’t found anywhere else.

Our customised services provide the utmost in flexibility, allowing you to handle organisation of the journey optimally and request the vehicle and driver (or even just the vehicle) to wait in order to meet all your needs regarding production, processing of the materials delivered, loading or unloading – at whatever time of day or night you need. You can rest assured that your goods will travel in complete safety and alone, without the risk of other companies’ goods damaging them, other materials being loaded on top of them, or having to be unloaded and reloaded at intermediate hubs only to be passed on to other carriers. The carrier who handles the delivery of your products is what your customer associates with your goods. The cleanliness and type of vehicles deployed, the courtesy and professionalism of the staff who knock at your customers’ doors are basically your calling card! By choosing Lapi Logistica, you can be sure you will know the person and the vehicle who will look after your goods until they are safely delivered to your customer.

In our thirty years of industrial transport for big and small clients in every sector, we’ve transported it all: from laboratory samples in the chemicals sector to prestigious pieces of furniture for a great mansion in Russia, from highly valuable electronic components for aviation and defence to the enormous turbines used in petrol refineries, from delicate moulds for the automotive industry to the complex machinery for the mechanical engineering industry, from futuristic prototypes for display at the most important industry shows to replacement parts destined for shipbuilding yards (both civil and military). There are many cases in which it’s not possible to use everyday couriers, for example:


  • fragile goods needing to be handled with special care
  • goods to undergo selection/manufacturing processes, which have to return swiftly
  • outsize and/or heavy goods
  • valuable goods
  • “confidential” goods
  • goods at high risk of theft

In all these cases, what you need is a specially tailored service. We can offer this service at competitive prices. Our company has more than twenty years’ experience in special transport and our strategic location in the heart of Tuscany is one of our major strong points.