ricambisticaTechnological innovation is bringing about changes in the logistics chain connected with the aftermarket, changes which set new challenges for replacement parts manufacturers since they’re thrown into a wider, more dynamic and more competitive environment.
Logistics, marketing and product range are three vital elements for any successful business; they need to be perfectly integrated in order to respond effectively to the ever-increasing demands of customers.
A common problem in this sector is the undervaluation and inefficiency of the supply chain dedicated to aftermarket logistics – this is in part due to the inadequacy of the investments made in it by businesses, as they tend to underestimate the impact of the services connected with it and fail to grab the opportunities these services can represent in terms of alternative profits and support for their core business.
Just think about how being able to get replacement parts more quickly can play a vital role in the end consumer’s process of selecting a vehicle and how this factor can influence product perception.
Therefore, it’s crucial to optimise logistics if we want to create a space where we can not only supply parts quickly but also at competitive prices (made possible by increasing the efficiency of various processes and containing costs).

  • RAPID SUPPLY OF REPLACEMENT PARTS: manufacturers and suppliers need to have a carrier on hand who can ensure rapid, effective delivery of the required replacement parts.
  • REPACKAGING: important for sorting the components to be sent to the various mechanics.
  • IMPROVED MANAGEMENT OF CUSTOMER REQUESTS: a logistics partner who directly handles customer requests makes it quicker to dispatch orders.
  • GREATER STOCK CONTROL: know at all times exactly what warehouse stock is available thanks to the logistics supplier’s proprietary software.
  • GREATER CONTROL DURING PRODUCTION OR SALES SPIKES: possibility to increase stock at peak production and/or sales times.

Thanks to the rapidity and versatility of our transport services, at Lapi Logistica we can solve difficult situations in the event of unexpected demand for replacement parts. We guarantee minimum delivery times – constrained only by traffic conditions and adherence to safety norms – and respond swiftly to the request with production-line down times reduced to an absolute minimum.

soluzioni aftermarket2defThanks to our experience and technical know-how, Lapi Logistica can guarantee efficient warehouse management and precise management of your stock of components and replacement parts. Through a lean management approach (lean logistics) and using techniques gleaned from the most cutting-edge production systems as well as a state-of-the-art IT system in the warehouse (WMS), we can create processes designed to reduce wastage and mistakes, and improve the quality of aftersales services by helping our clients find the most appropriate management systems for them.
In order to facilitate the handling of materials and optimise transport costs, we also offer packaging, repackaging, and product identification services with guaranteed traceability.