logistica generaleThe growing delocalisation of production facilities to the Eastern European nations in recent years has boosted the use of integrated logistics solutions through the creation of hubs located at strategic nodes along the main transport routes.

When you let a third party handle your goods, you have more time to dedicate to your core business.

From our HQ in the province of Pisa, we offer customised solutions for managing our clients’ logistics, whether completely or in part, either internally from their own facilities or totally outsourced (warehouse logistics).

Before taking action, we go through a thorough study and analysis phase which allows us to identify any room for improvement, starting from the logistics processes involved and moving on to the management techniques adopted (FIFO, LIFO, Kanban, batches, expiries), materials handling systems, storage and distribution. This allows us to perfectly integrate with the client’s structures simply and systematically.

Through the use of cutting-edge information systems and the skill and professionalism of our staff, we can optimise administration activities and operations leading to better management of stock and orders and creation of detailed PFEPs (Plan for Every Part) in order to ensure good production flows while improving coordination with suppliers and reducing the margins of error.

Our warehouses located in the Perignano industrial park in the province of Pisa total more than 8,000m² of surface area. Our facility, which is fully equipped to provide all the logistics services you require, is situated close to the Florence-Pisa-Leghorn highway (Ponsacco exit) which links all the main industrial areas of Tuscany with the major ports and airports in central Italy. This position is highly strategic as it allows us to serve the European markets easily.