Simplified logistics management, reduced delivery cycles and increased production flexibility with the milkrun system.

trasporti milkrunThe experience we have built up over the years in handling complex problems, enhanced by consolidated partnerships with our clients – most of whom come from the automotive sector – allows us to provide custom-made solutions to your logistics needs, no matter which sector you operate in.

We analyse your production chain and the locations of your suppliers and customers so that we can help you assess what your best transport solution is, which may be to create a “milkrun”. We also provide you with customised projects that give you the following advantages:

  • products delivered to customers safely and on time
  • guaranteed adherence to the established delivery/pick-up plan
  • simultaneous delivery/pick-up of the returnable packaging used (reverse logistics)
  • value-for-money transport
  • utmost flexibility and adaptability to demands for volume or extra loads

The main advantages of organising a milkrun with Lapi Logistica are:

  • reduction in transport and logistics costs, with less different carriers and a reduction in delivery delays;
  • simplified logistics management with an increase in quality and production efficiency;
  • rationalisation of provisioning flows;
  • zero risk of production halts;
  • reduction in stock, in the value of warehoused goods and in the risks associated with this;
  • improvement in the environment factor: drastic reduction in the number of vehicles circulating, and those on the road rendered more efficient by having a full load;
  • elimination of the risk of damage to and/or theft of the goods;
  • being able to count on the assistance of qualified staff from 6:00am-10:00pm.


If you’re interested in this service, read our article explaining more about how milkruns work.