elettronicaThe electrical engineering and electronics sectors will be supported by the competitive advantages offered by the penetration of many new players in the global production chains and will enjoy positive market dynamics both in Italy and abroad.

The growing use of electrical equipment, electronic appliances and lighting systems in both the private and industrial spheres – not to mention the automotive industry – is leading to an increase in demand for electrical and electronic devices, such as cables, sockets, electric motors, control panels and systems, switches, batteries and other materials.
Businesses in the electrics sector are characterised by their large number of references and the need to handle materials of totally different natures (fuses, wires and cables, cable reels, poles, racks, machinery and so on). They need operational flexibility, swiftness in handling orders, warehouses with diversified structures (cantilever shelves, pallet racks, decking, vertical warehouses) and the guarantee that their logistics flows will be perfectly traceable and findable. Inbound and outbound serial numbers, kits, big or urgent orders, complex packing lists, replacement parts, reverse logistics and RAEE are all part of this world. The producer or major distributor’s main objective must be to make the service supplying the electrical materials as efficient as possible for installers and other professionals in that sector.
Therefore, on the outbound side, the sector logistics must be top-level and guarantee that the product is delivered on time wherever it’s needed and in the requested quantity. To make this possible, we need state-of-the-art management systems, partnerships and software integration enabling close monitoring and control of supplies and efficient management of deliveries right up to the retail outlets. On the inbound side, a supply chain needs to be developed that will ensure the utmost efficiency in replenishing production flows, guarantee that replacement parts can be found, efficiently handle preventive and planned maintenance operations in facilities, and allow appropriate management of presses as well as technical and organisational policies.
The electronics sector also requires customised, secure warehousing and transport services, due to the increased difficulties arising from the intrinsic characteristics of the products (television sets, household appliances, IT apparatus and other hi-tech equipment). Most household appliances are heavy and sizeable, while other, smaller devices, such as computers, need greater protection during the transport and warehousing stages. Therefore, special vehicles and equipment are required, along with highly qualified staff, given the fragility and monetary value of the products.

  • Picking, packing and customised packaging: for electronics companies it’s crucial that their logistics partner perform picking and packing operations to perfection, to ensure safe, error-free transport.
  • Annual inventory management: annual inventories allow electronics companies to keep track of any losses of materials or mistakes at the picking or arrival stages.
  • Monitor every stage of our handling of your products: a customised software program allows the end client to view every step of the progress of their order, from picking to dispatch with GPS systems integrated with the main control system.
  • Punctual deliveries and the right components at the right time: just-in-time dispatches mean that production of components is never halted and wastage is reduced while the yield obtained from the transport is maximised.
  • Industry 4.0, electronic billing and computerised management: we handle all the stages of transport, logistics and delivery using electronic systems, thereby reducing the waste of time caused by the loss of waybills and other documents.

elettrico bobineLapi Logistica provides transport and warehousing services, giving quality, reliable support to the major hi-tech businesses in the form of correct loads, speedy delivery and the creation of cutting-edge logistics systems. Video surveillance and anti-intrusion systems, together with strictly controlled access, ensure maximum security for the products handled, both during the transport stage and when the materials are stored in our warehouses. The experience we’ve built up in handling complex problems relating to the automotive world enables us to support our clients with product classification and in drawing up lists of large-volume articles in order to optimise handling of the logistics for the whole chain, from the distributors to the installers. Our logistics, transit point, hub and cross-docking services are a guarantee of flexibility and quality in product handling, together with our packaging, repackaging and accessory services designed to optimise the delivery and processing of your products. Finally, our transport services are a guarantee of the utmost rapidity and delivery in complete safety.